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Covid-19 Impact on The Fashion Industry By fashionabc - April 12, 2020 The unpredictable horrendous humanitarian and financial disaster caused the fashion industry to become completely naked and exposed; the CEOs have met to discuss the mess of a future created by this destruction which has left fellow workers vulnerable and having to face hardship. The infamous coronavirus has led to The State of Fashion 2020, to take on a new more harsh attitude which will end in the aftermath of this “black swan” event which will provide insights and updates on how this new era of the industry will occur, which according to certain statistics and current fashion industry experts will last roughly 12 to 18 months to settle in. Source ttps://


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HeiQ’s New Antiviral Textile Technology Tested Effective Against Human Coronavirus · Pioneering innovative textiles to combat coronavirus, HeiQ has crossed all expectations on how to contain the accelerated rate at which the disease is spreading. · HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 has been proven effective against human coronavirus (229E) in face mask testing · Chinese company Suzhou Bolisi is the lead adopter of HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 for protective face masks, which will be available on the market as early as April Amidst the global “Coronavirus” pandemic sweeping entire continents, Swiss based HeiQ, a hi-technology textile company, has just launched HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03, an antiviral and antimicrobial textile treatment that provides improved reduction of virus infectivity against viruses. It has proven effective against human coronavirus (229E) in face mask testing, significantly enhancing the antiviral log reduction from 2.90 of untreated face masks to 4.48 (99.997% reduction of virus infectivity) for the treated masks. This log reduction of 2 is equivalent to 100 times the effectiveness in antiviral effect. Source


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The British Fashion Council @britishfashioncouncil Set A Covid Crisis Fund Foundation To Support Companies And Individuals During The Coronavirus Crisis. Image Source: Fashion United British Fashion Council (BFC) has announced the launch of the BFC Foundation Covid Crisis Fund, supporting creative fashion businesses and individuals to survive the Coronavirus crisis. The BFC, through its charity the BFC Foundation which brings all BFC charitable initiatives under one umbrella, is making £1,000,000 of emergency funds available with the majority supporting designer businesses and with a portion of funds also allocated to students, underpinning the future generation of creative talent. #coronavirus #covid19 #fashion #fashionindustry #hope #socialimpact #courage #action


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The Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on the Fashion Industry Fashion companies and designers worldwide rely on China to make a majority of their clothes, fabrics and trims such as the cords, appliques, buttons and more. The coronavirus pandemic has not only caused production delays but also compelled fashion designers, buyers and other industry insiders to miss out on Milan’s Fashion Week in late February. As the world gets ready for a full lock-down, here is the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the fashion industry.


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Sustainability: A Force For Change In The Fashion Industry Reports have increasingly been showing that fast fashion has problems with sustainability and consumers are increasingly becoming aware that fashion is damaging the environment. More on


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How The Fashion Industry Is Mobilizing On Covid-19 A global pandemic, the coronavirus Covid-19 has been terrorizing the correct functioning of entire industries and even jeopardizing global supply chains. The fashion industry is among them. To combat the transmission of the disease, the use of hydroalcoholic gels, regular hand washing and social distancing are the WHO’s most common recommendation. Furthermore, infected areas and the entirety of Europe has been subject to lockdown, a situation that can be extended for months to come. Major fashion players have joined forces to help mitigate the coronavirus pandemic worldwide through different initiatives. Here is how the fashion industry is mobilising before the Covid-19 threat. #covid19 #fashionindustry #coronavirus #pandemic #LVMH #christiandior #fashionbrands #versace


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Carlo Centonze- Innovative #textiles that reduce air pollution and fight the Corona Virus Interview by @shannon_sagawe_shot_caller Shot Caller Podcast “HeiQ Fresh, In one day of 6 hours of daylight in a normal standardized room, destroy up to 98% of the formaldehydes, thereby cleaning the air of toxic components, making them into fresh air components.” Your next Shot Caller story, told by Carlo Centonze, CEO HeiQ Group in Switzerland (, will enlighten you on their truly cutting edge, innovative and AFFORDABLE textiles that fight air pollution and fight viruses like the CoronaVirus, but also partnering with companies like Speedo to create elite swimwear; all the while, reducing waste and pollution in the apparel production supply chain! Carlo and his Co-founder Dr. Murray Height, created HeiQ in 2005 after a HIKE in the Swiss Alps where after a few days of intensive hike’s were told by their partners to keep a BIG distance due to the smell that wafted their way. Both Carlo and Dr. Height were graduates of ETH, one of the most prestigious science, technology, engineering and math schools in the world. With a very strong ethos around sustainability, HeiQ, under the leadership of Carlo and Dr. Height, has become a global leader in textile innovation creating some of the most effective, durable and high-performance textile technologies in the market today. In 2019, HeiQ was awarded the 2019 Swiss Environmental Award for HeiQ Clean Tech because of their solution to reduce environmental footprint of polyester dyeing by 30-40% in terms of saving 30-50% water, energy and CO2 emissions. But most importantly, reducing the cost to the manufacturers, creating an AFFORDABLE #GREEN #TECHNOLOGY!


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“I think perfection is ugly. Somewhere in the things humans make, I want to see scars, failure, disorder, distortion. If I can feel those things in works by others, then I like them.” Yoshi Yamamoto #yoshiyamamoto #quote #fashion #perfection #failure #fashionabc #yamamoto #inspiration #nevergiveup


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“Ethical fashion is the recognition that there are human beings behind the clothes that we wear.” Elizabeth Joy #fashion #fashionindustry #fashionsustainability #ethicalfashion #fashionabc #fashionchangers


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"Fashionopolis: The Price of Fast Fashion & the Future of Clothes", by Dana Thomas, @danathomasparis Head of Zeus, Penguin, 320 pages A must read. This recommended book is an investigation into the damage / challenges brought by the colossal fashion /clothing industry and the grassroots, high-tech, international movement fighting to reform it What should I wear? It’s one of the fundamental questions we ask ourselves every day.


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“Become an active citizen through your wardrobe.” – Livia Firth, @liviafirth Founder and Creative Director of Eco-Age Known for her fashion sustainability evangelism and her pivotal role as executive producer of 2015 documentary “The True Cost,” Livia Firth is also the founder of Green Carpet Challenge, a project that aims to raise the profile of sustainability and social welfare by encouraging celebrities to wear ethical designs at high profile events and catapulting sustainable fashion style into the spotlight. In 2009, Firth established the organisation Eco Age, a consultancy firm that provides bespoke sustainability solutions for retail and fashion brands looking to improve their supply chain. Eco Age clients include luxury names like Chopard, Erdem, Stella McCartney and Gucci, as well as non-fashion companies like Welltower, the FA and Wembley stadium. As global ambassador for Oxfam, she has shone a spotlight on the major issues within the fashion industry and importance of ethical fashion. Firth is a sustainable fashion evangelist and innovator and she is a self-described professional agitator. “I don’t want to be a spectator in my life,” she said upon being awarded the UN Leader of Change award in 2012. “When you are in control, it means you can take responsibility.” In 2014, herself and husband Colin Firth were given an honorary award at the German Sustainability Awards. “Livia is fearless, she’ll pick up the phone to anybody,” said Anna Wintour of Firth’s philanthropy. “The wonderful thing about Livia is that it’s very personal to her.” Illustration based on a photo from Will Whipple #fashion #fashionabc #fashionsustainability #fashionphotography #fashionnova #fashiontrends #makefashioncircular #circularfashion #circulareconomyclothes #circulareconomyfashion #sustainablefashion


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