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Key features

Whenever you are business owner, brand manager or marketing agency you cannot underestimate the power of Influencer marketing and its impact on sales, awareness and image of your brand.

Yet, with growing number of bots, click farms, likes and comments generators.. what was once clear and honest business relationship becomes tricky deal.

Luckily thanks to our transparent, easy to use and 100% accurate technology you can easily audit and recognize true value of your potential business partners.

Fan base


We will check 100% of the fan base to spot and list all of the mass followers - account that follows the given profile but also more than 1500 other profiles - not necessarily fakes but the accounts that most probably want even see your content.

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At the end of the day it's not about big numbers but people who can potentially buy your product - with precise information on gender, age, language, nationality you can focus on audience you need.


We will scan all of the likes and comments to spot any suspicious profiles, behaviours and activities so you can distinguish true engagement from bot driven fake interactions.

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Whenever you are big brand, agency or small business starting its marketing journey choosing the right partners is equally important.
In SocialAuditor you can find the plan best fitted to your scale and needs.

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